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Give Your Dog the Exercise & Care It Needs

Dogs need the stimulation and exercise that comes from taking daily walks. However, life can get in the way, and that's where Austin's Howlin' Hounds Pet Services comes in. While you do the things you need to get done in Austin, Texas, we'll take your furry friend for their daily dose of outside time. From 15 minute playtimes to 90-minute adventures we have got you covered. We personalize our services to fit your every need, such as doing multiple visits a day. Within the Austin city limits, we offer pet taxis for $25 per hour. 

Dog Walking Pricing

All of our dog walking services come with free love and belly rubs for your pet. All of our walks include a text, with a GPS of the route that we took, an update of the visit, and a picture or two of your fur baby. We charge an additional $5.00 for servicing more than three animals. Our prices are:

• 15 Minutes | $15 (Includes a Potty Break, Water, & Food Refreshing)
• 20 Minutes | $18 (Includes Walking, Play Time, Potty Break, & Pet Area Cleanup)
• 30 Minutes | $20 (Includes A Long Walk, Play Time, Potty Break, & Pet Area Cleanup)
• 45 Minutes | $25 (Includes All of the above, Plus an Extended Walk and Extended Break/Playtime)
• 60 Minutes | $30 (Includes All of the Above Plus a Long Break/Playtime, a Quick Car Ride for the Dogs Who Love the Wind in Their Ears)
•90 Minutes | $45 (Includes Transportation To and From a Park Visit, an On Leash Hike, or On Leash Swim (Drying if Swimming does Occur), and Refresh of Water.)   

Note:  If there is a cancellation, we require two hours of notice in order to issue a refund. There is an additional $5.00 charge during holidays.

Dog and Sidewalk Chalk